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Aulia Nabila Wins First Place in National Poster Competition Representing Universitas Jember


Aulia Nabila has achieved a remarkable triumph by securing first place in the National Level Poster Competition organized by the Accounting Student Association at Universitas Mataram. Representing the D3 Accounting program of the Faculty of Economics and Business at Universitas Jember, Aulia's exceptional accomplishment highlights her creativity, dedication, and outstanding talent in visual communication.

Throughout the competition, Aulia's poster stood out for its innovative design, clear messaging, and impactful presentation. Her ability to convey complex accounting concepts through visually appealing graphics not only impressed the judges but also set a high standard for her peers.

This prestigious accolade is a testament to Aulia's hard work and her commitment to excellence. It also reflects the high quality of education and support provided by Universitas Jember, fostering an environment where students can thrive and excel in various fields.

Congratulations to Aulia Nabila on this well-deserved victory. Her success in the National Level Poster Competition is a significant milestone and a source of pride for the Faculty of Economics and Business. We eagerly anticipate her future achievements and contributions to the field of accounting.