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Accounting Diploma

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Accreditated Excellent

The bachelor of Accounting Diploma study program received Excellent Accreditation from LAMEMBA the National Accreditation Board

Vision and Mission

Becoming an Agro-Digipreneuship-based accounting vocational education provider that is capable of producing excellent and international-standard professional accounting intermediate experts

  • Teaching and Learning Activities

    Organizing teaching and learning activities based on a curriculum that suits the needs of the agro-digipreneurship-based Business World Industry (DUDI)

  • Lecturer

    Providing certified and professional teaching staff in accounting

  • Competent Graduates

    Producing graduates who are competent in the field of accounting and have Pancasila character

  • Publication

    Developing applied research activities and community service for both lecturers and students as a form of downstreaming research in the field of accounting


  • Demonstrate an attitude of piety to God Almighty, have the spirit of Pancasila, be professional, independent, have a global outlook as well as local wisdom, and personality as a lifelong learner
  • Able to complete a wide range of work, choose the appropriate accounting method from a variety of options that have been or are not standardized by analyzing Accounting, Auditing and Taxation data, and able to demonstrate performance with measurable quality and quantity
  • Understand the theoretical concepts of accounting, auditing, and taxation in general and be able to formulate procedural problem solving
  • Able to manage work groups and prepare written reports in a comprehensive manner